Annette Witzel

Annette Witzel, Web Manager, is the owner of WitzEnd Consulting, a local web development agency whose focus is not just building and maintaining websites, but educating clients as well. Well-known in the community as a popular instructor for Central Oregon Community College, Annette teaches a wide variety of computer-related topics including Microsoft Software, Adobe Software, and Web Design using many platforms.

Although she started out studying Fine Arts at the University of Oregon, She got her start in computers in the early nineties when she taught herself how to use one — and quickly found herself in demand. People enjoyed her ability to teach to any level of experience and have it make sense. She ended up quitting her day job to focus full-time on being a computer consultant, teaching clients and even repairing computers. When people began recommending she teach classes at the local college, she went in for a chat and came out with another new chapter, teaching classes in a community college. And she loved it.

As the internet made its debut, Annette once again decided she wanted to learn how to make a website and taught herself, then partnered with a business associate to create a niche-market hosting company for eye doctors, building over 2,000 websites before moving on to Central Oregon.  And once she set foot in Deschutes County, she discovered Central Oregon Community College was to be her educational home. She loves being around people and making computer classes fun, and has been with COCC for 17 years.

These days, Annette’s focus has become helping non-profits, and is proud to be part of the Clear Alliance team, managing the website.