our work

our focus

CLEAR Alliance specifically focuses on providing evidence-based substance abuse and impaired driving education, trainings, and health and safety messaging for youth, parents, schools, driver education programs, and other public-service organizations that serve these populations.

All educational materials are referenced with evidence and/or science-based research and approved by current and retired public health and safety professionals.

quick facts

  1. 17% of admissions into publicly funded drug treatment is for marijuana addiction, and findings demonstrate the #1 reason youth ages 12-17 are admitted into treatment is marijuana (NIDA, SAMHSA).
  2. After alcohol, marijuana is the most common drug identified in impaired and fatally injured drivers (NIDA).
  3. Regular marijuana use before the age of 18 can cause a permanent IQ drop of up to 8 points (Meier et al, 2012).
  4. Marijuana increases the risk of developing mental illness by 40% and this risk increases with continued use (Moore et al, 2007).

youth response

Over the years CLEAR Alliance has observed that students tend to be more susceptible to experimentation when social normalization of substance use and impaired driving is more prevalent than alcohol and drug education.

The most common response instructors hear youth and adults say when teaching our curriculums  is “I didn’t know that” or “I had no idea”.