“As the only non-profit group in Oregon that is working specifically to educate teen drivers on drugs and impaired driving, CLEAR Alliance continues to be an invaluable partner.”

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“It is only with partners like CLEAR Alliance who are addressing the gaps in our system that we stand a chance to decrease our growing number of fatal crashes with a new generation of drivers who have cemented safe behavior into their daily lives.”

“MADD Oregon respects the work that Clear Alliance does in the area of drug impaired driving education and prevention. We urge you to continue to support Clear Alliance and the important work they are doing here in Oregon.”

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“The TMEC and its support materials is the program that Hood River County Prevention has been utilizing for years. We are excited to work with CLEAR Alliance as they continue to keep their educational program up to date with newer drug trend data and research.”

“I am writing this letter of support and recommendation for CLEAR Alliance, Oregon’s statewide non-profit organization that provides fact-based education about the consequences about substance abuse and impaired driving for youth and adults.”

“I urge your support of CLEAR Alliance as they continue to engage in the crucial mission of educating youth and adults about the impact of drug and impaired driving.”

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“On February 6, 2020 CLEAR Alliance’s TMEC program was recognized by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) with a national HIDTA “Outstanding Public Health/Public Safety Collaboration Effort” award..”

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“I am writing this letter of support and recommendation for CLEAR Alliance, an Oregon based nonprofit organization providing fact-based education pertaining to the impacts of substance abuse.”

“It has been a pleasure and honor to partner with CLEAR Alliance in educating the youth of our community, our state, and our nation about the dangers of ATOD and impaired driving..”

“Crook County Public Health has been partnering with CLEAR Alliance for over five years. CLEAR stands for “Children Learning through Education and Research”. In 2018, they provided students in Crook County scholarships to attend their annual conference..”