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students, please read this first!

Please click on the my courses tab to access your online course.

Please be sure to complete your course within 3 days from when you registered to avoid having to purchase the course again.

Be sure to finish within 3 days. After that time, if not completed, you’ll lose access and need to repurchase your seat to finish the course.

We appreciate your interest in learning more, faster! However, each lesson must be completed in order. So no, you won’t be able to jump ahead. This is because the course is written with developing ideas throughout.

Both the videos and the accompanying forms and/or quizzes that come with a lesson must be successfully completed to have a certificate of completion for that lesson emailed to you (or whomever you requested to be notified).

The only way to receive CEU credit is to watch each module from start to finish and complete its forms and/or quizzes. A certificate will be given to you at the end of the course.